Cancer Survivors Hope For Future Reproduction

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Through advanced technology and fertility treatments, Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility provides cancer survivors hope for future reproduction.

Oncofertility Options (Fertility Preservation)

The idea of starting or expanding your family takes a backseat while undergoing treatment- defeating the disease is the utmost priority. At Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility, you are not alone. With the support and a hand to guide you through, we want to help you preserve your future. Oncofertility, or fertility preservation, makes the possibility of biological children a reality. Freezing eggs, sperm, or reproductive tissue prior to treatment and/or chemotherapy aids in the effort to give you a bright future.

Prior to Fertility Preservation Treatment – What are Your Options?


Fertility Preservation Treatment What are Your Options

For men, it’s freezing sperm. For women, in addition to freezing eggs, and depending on the diagnosis and treatment, there are a few alternatives. If receiving abdominal or pelvic irradiation, surgically removing the ovaries out of the radiation field may be recommended by your physician. Another choice, especially for patients in the early stages of gynecologic cancers, is preserving ovarian tissue at the time of surgery.  

What Happens After Fertility Treatment?

For those who are sub-fertile after treatment, pregnancy may be achieved with assisted reproductive technology. The use of an egg donor and/or gestational surrogate is a highly effective path for those patients who are menopausal or unable to carry a pregnancy after therapy.

At Eden Advanced Fertility Centers, we are here for you and your future.

Quote Box: With the advancement in medical technology, and the increased survival rate of cancer patients, the honest and hopeful discussion between physicians and patients about preservation options is on the rise.

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