Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Messages for Patients

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The following document which is developed by The Mental Health Professional Group and presented by ASRM and MHPG offers timely and practical information that may come handy in having effective communication with your patients.

Emotional Responses

With the COVID-19 outbreak, fertility patients are unsurprisingly petrified and concerned. These people are wondering what will happen in the future and they may be susceptible to calamitous thoughts.

  • Will I ever be able to have a family?
  • What will I do if my treatment is put off? What should I do if I am pregnant now?

To create a family, we never imagined that we have to go through unforeseen challenges; the fear of the Coronavirus disease has made things more difficult and all the anticipations of normal are off.

Coping Strategies

While social distancing is a great move to protect one’s physical health, it can also result in increased anxiety, depression, and distress.

Make the most of the free exercise classes or academic courses being offered online. People are turning to online group meetings to enjoy virtual happy hours and strengthening the bond during the pandemic.

Stay in touch with your friends and family members through Zoom, emails, FaceTime, etc.

Another way to stay in touch is by using varied social media platforms. That said, you have to ensure that you use information and details only from a credible and authentic source. Limiting your intake of the news is advisable as the bulk of false news and misinformation can cause negative emotional reactions for you & others. It is advisable to follow the Practice Advisory For Coronavirus 2019 & if once you know about this pandemic, you can Stop the Spread of Rumors.

Clearly, everyone is going through a state of utter confusion. Establishing a new normal is very important.

Having a structure for yourself and your family is important. You and your partner may be working from home. At the same time, your children also need attention. Both these elements can pose a distraction from the news and may alter your normal routine. Having a schedule for work, leisure, play, exercise will surely come handy. Answer questions of your children about this pandemic and share facts about COVID-19 in a way that your child or teen can understand & learn from it.

You can use this as the time to enjoy all the things that you love doing, such as cooking, listening to your favorite music, etc. Give yourself a break, go outside for a while, smell the fresh air, focus on positive things. Most importantly, don’t forget to laugh every day.

This is not how it should be – Dealing with anger, need for support, grief, and loss.

At this time of distress, support is important as the fertility treatment plans have been put on hold. It is important to have an outlet to share all your concerns. You may want to share what you are going through with your friends, but remember they are having their own issues.

To receive support and expel frustration and anger, you can get in touch with a therapist who is giving telemedicine at this time.

Virtual Consultation Available

(call us today to schedule a tele-medicine appointment with one of our fertility specialists )

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Conflict in Marriage

Don’t be amazed if the situation of martial disagreement arises or deteriorates. Just remember that everyone is worried and anxious right now. Try to give others more freedom and understand the feelings of your partner as well. Creating more space for each other can help.

Be Optimistic

You may have a feeling that the money and time you have spent pursuing fertility treatment are gone. Regardless of what the medical experts are suggesting, you are positive and want to go ahead with the treatment.

In case your age is under 35 years and has a good ovarian reserve, even if you take a break for a few months, it will not affect your fertility. However, some people may think that they are running out of time and it is now or never. It is upsetting, indeed, to think that you may need to change your plans once again, letting you think about other family building options such as – using a donor, Egg Freezing, ICSI, IVF, IUI embryo donation, surrogacy may prove helpful.

When you are considering new technology, mainly when it requires the loss of a genetic connection, it requires to be carefully worked through. Although such options do allow one of the ultimate goals of parenting.

Remember, things about this pandemic are not predictable and normal. We all are a part of this and we will get through this together. Out of pain and suffering, we will witness growth in ways we could never imagine. Stay safe and follow the guidelines and tips for taking care of yourself.

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