What is The Cost of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

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For couples and individuals who have difficulty starting or growing their family, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a widely used treatment.

IVF involves fertilization of an egg outside the body and its subsequent implantation into the uterus. IVF not only helps patients conceive, but it also allows specialists at the Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility to genetically test embryos prior to their implantation.

If you are considering assisted reproduction, you probably have questions about the IVF cost in Orange County .

You can learn more about your financing options and the cost of IVF treatment during a consultation at our fertility clinic in Orange County. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

What Is Cost of IVF Orange County CA - IVF Cost & Pricing

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When considering IVF, there are many factors that influence the selection process of the most appropriate fertility clinic. These factors include the location and focus of the fertility center, the experience of its staff, and of course the cost of treatment.

First and foremost it is very important to be guided by a doctor who is specialized in assisted reproductive Immunology. The IVF laboratory which is equipped with advanced technology and overseen by a doctoral level embryologist is equally important in achieving success.

At Eden our goal is provide high quality affordable fertility care. We work with many insurances and offer discounted pricing for those who do not have insurance coverage for fertility. Additionally, Eden is currently offering free initial consultations with one of our fertility specialist doctor.

Our prepaid packages are designed to help relieve the stress of fertility treatment costs. To receive discounted price, we ask patients to make the payment in full at the start of the stimulation medications.

Medical Insurance Options for Fertility Treatment


Medical Insurance Options for Fertility Treatment

Due to its complexity IVF has a fairly high price, although this to a degree depends on the specific procedures which are performed during IVF. Having health insurance coverage for IVF and for fertility drugs can be a major benefit. Unfortunately, many insurance plans do not include fertility treatment coverage.

Every health insurance plan comes with a comprehensive document called an Explanation of Benefits which has a complete list of health coverage and benefits you are entitled to. You should be fully aware of the important caveats of your insurance coverage before proceeding with fertility treatment. The staff of Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility is always happy to help you understand the coverage of your health insurance policy.

For most people it is actually their employer that is responsible for payment of insurance benefits. While some employers prioritize offering insurance plans that cover fertility treatment most do not since these plans tend to be more expensive.

Some states have implemented fertility coverage mandates, requiring employers to offer plans which include fertility services.  California currently only requires coverage of fertility preservation for cancer patients but does not have a broad fertility coverage mandate like some progressive states on the east coast.

The patient should carefully read and understand the contents of the medical insurance policy and get in touch with their employer or human resources department to check what infertility treatment benefits are available. Some infertility treatment plans only cover for consultation with no treatment benefit, while other plans may cover fertility testing only.

In both scenarios, the insured or the patient needs to pay an annual deductible. There can also be a co-payment clause which may be in the form of a fixed amount or some percentage of the total expense. To reiterate, the patient is responsible for both the deductible and the co-payment. Moreover, the majority of HMO policies mandate prior-authorization in writing before any amount is paid by the insurer.

How much does IVF cost in Orange County, California?


Once you start fertility treatments to complete your family, initial costs to be incurred are for diagnostic testing which may go up to thousands of dollars. Diagnostic tests maybe covered by your insurance plan, though this may vary by state.

In California, diagnostic tests for infertility are often not covered in insurance. However, other states may mandate insurance companies to cover some of these tests.

Other costs may include artificial insemination which can be as high as a few thousand dollars for a single treatment cycle and IVF costs which may fall in the range from $10,000 to $20,000 USD per treatment cycle.

IVF costs include doctor’s fees, medications, IVF lab procedures, surgery center charges, embryo genetic testing, anesthesia charges, etc.

Some fertility centers are not transparent while explaining cost structure to patients and tend to exclude the mentioned fees from their initial base cost. Unfortunately, in such a scenario, the patients cannot estimate their total cost before starting treatment.

Use of third party reproduction such as egg donation and gestational carrier may substantially increase the cost of IVF treatment.

IVF Fee Structure

Eden Fertility takes into cognizance that most insurance companies and employers do not cover the benefits pertaining to IVF treatment. Consequently, we have structured flexible fee plans to overcome any hurdles you may have to face affording your IVF treatment.

Our flexible fee plans cover a comprehensive package to cover the majority of the services used in the IVF treatment. In case you require more than one cycle of IVF, our plans are structured to discount the fees of subsequent cycles.

Going one step further, Eden offers unique fee plans for egg donation and gestational carrier IVF cycles. To get a complete overview of our flexible fee plans, please get in touch with our Financial Counselors who are always ready to help you.

IVF Cost Plans to keep at Bay

We emphasize that all patients should diligently evaluate IVF costs prior to committing to treatment at an Orange County fertility center. We especially urge patients to carefully assess quality of services covered by companies offering low cost IVF.

Listed below are some of the so-called low-cost IVF plans offered by other fertility centers, which are beyond our scope:

Affordable IVF Fees & CostsMoney-back guarantee plans:

In such plans offered by other centers, patients make a high upfront payment but only receive a partial refund if their IVF treatment fails. These plans are preferentially offered to patients who are likely to become pregnant while excluding poorer prognosis patients. Typically, patients end up paying up to 50% more than the normal IVF cost plans.

IVF treatment cost and plans in Orange County Financial package plans:

In such plans offered by other fertility centers, you pay upfront for a reduced-price three-cycle package and benefit only if you get pregnant during the third cycle. You tend to overpay in case you get pregnant in the first or second cycle though.

IVF pricing Low price IVF:

If a plan offers a strikingly low price, you should question the quality of treatment. Often such plans startle you with extra charges including add-on procedures, medication costs, and repeat cycles.

 IVF Cost Information orange county Hidden Fees charged by other Fertility Clinics:

In the market, there are many fertility centers that will lure you with discounted IVF treatment costs. One should understand the offerings before considering any such low-cost IVF treatment plans. Such plans often come with hidden fees which are disclosed only once patients are already undergoing the IVF process.

Selling such plans is clearly unethical and makes couples irate as they tend to pay more for undisclosed add-on fees.

Opting for a Clinic with Transparent Pricing


Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility

Despite fertility issues being emotionally daunting, at Eden patients can rely on available options to help. At Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility, we are committed to providing high quality care with transparent and reliable cost information.

Before starting any treatment in our center, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all the costs involved and support your unique financial circumstances. We provide you hassle-free and rewarding fertility treatment with our latest technology and patient-centric approach.

Please book an appointment with us to decide whether Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility is the best choice for you. We are committed to serving you in fulfilling your fertility needs.

As we know your time is valuable, Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility offers you a team of highly trained doctors and embryologists. Usually, you can schedule an appointment with one of our doctors in a couple of days. We look forward to meeting you soon to take this trip together.

To schedule an appointment, fill out the form below, and click on the “Get started” button below. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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