Interview With Dr. Kushnir – Fertility Doctor Orange County

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Interview With Dr. Kushnir - Best Fertility specialist Orange County

  Few Interview Questions With Fertility Specialist Dr. Kushnir

1. Why do you choose to be a doctor? Why do you choose the assisted reproductive field?

  -My parents struggled with infertility for many years before I was born, my first name – Vitaly means Life. I always knew that I was going to become a doctor since my childhood, and I think it was my destiny to go into the reproductive medicine field.

2. Can you tell us your study experience?

  – I was lucky to receive my training in leading medical schools where many aspects of modern IVF were originally developed and had the chance to be mentored by many pioneers in the reproductive medicine field. – I attended medical school at Tel Aviv University in Israel, my OBGYN residency was at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, and my REI fellowship was at Emory Medical School in Atlanta. I then practiced in New York City for 7 years in a private practice setting while conducting research. I have published over 80 papers in the medical literature and given hundreds of lectures around the world based on my research.

3. How long have you been in this field? How many cycles have been carried out?

  -I have been involved in REI for over a decade and have overseen over 5,000 IVF cycles.

4. Which patient/case impresses you most? Why is that?

  -All patients are different and need an individualized approach. I have a special interest in women over age 40 pursuing ivf treatment in orange county and younger women with low ovarian reserve. Additionally, I focus on third party reproduction, especially with egg and sperm donation.

5. What kind of diseases are you better at treating?

  -I focus on treating complex fertility issues, many of my patients have failed treatment at other IVF centers before seeing me.

6. Could you share your working day?

  -I perform procedures including ultrasounds, egg retrievals, embryo transfers, and hysteroscopy surgery in the mornings. My afternoons are spent seeing new patients for consultations in the office or by video conference. I am also involved in conducting research, teaching, and overseeing the operations of the Eden fertility center.

7. Do you have a lot of patients from China? Do they have anything in common?

  -I have treated many patients from China and have visited the county to give lectures. I supervise a staff of Chinese speaking IVF coordinators who help manage the patient’s treatment. China is a very big and complex county with many cultures; I never make assumptions about patients’; I listen to and treat each person as an individual.

8. What awards have you won and which is the most valuable? Please describe it to us. Can you provide relevant certificate photos for China’s marketing?

  -I am board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and am currently licensed to practice medicine in 9 US states. I received an award for my research into the role of mitochondria in reproductive aging from Emory University.

9. Are you better at one-to-one patient communication or one-to-many speech?

  -I prefer to communicate with patients one-to-one. I am also comfortable speaking to large groups and often give academic lectures to large audiences.

10. If you are interviewed by Chinese journalists, which topic do you prefer to talk about? Such as academic discussion, case sharing, personal experience sharing, hospital operation, management, etc.

  -Academic discussion about the trends in reproductive medicine

11. What hobbies do you have?

  -I enjoy traveling and have visited over 80 countries.

12. What is your favorite quote?

  -Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

13. What is your treatment philosophy?

  -I believe that patients have a right to reproductive autonomy, it is my duty to provide them with honest advice and help them achieve their reproductive goals.

14. How can clinical experience help a doctor’s work? In an IVF cycle, in which steps, the experience is particularly important?

  -IVF is a rapidly evolving field of medicine with where new techniques and technologies are constantly introduced, especially in the IVF laboratory. An experienced doctor is able to make smart decisions about selecting options that help each patient and avoid those that are potentially harmful.

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