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Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is a treatment option available to women with certain clearly defined medical problems, usually an absent uterus, to help them have their own genetic children.

What is Gestational Surrogacy?

What is Gestational Surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is a great option for many different fertility situations. In Gestational Surrogacy a woman agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for another individual or couple using their embryos. It is a form of third party reproduction. Gestational surrogacy enables people who are not able to conceive or carry a pregnancy due to medical issues to have a child. Eden Fertility center supports the use of Gestational Surrogacy in Orange County to help our patients make their dreams of a family a reality.

Surrogacy and Gestational Carriers Treatment Option Facts on the Surrogacy

The process starts with in vitro fertilization (IVF) using the eggs and sperm of the intended parents or donors to create an embryo which is then transferred to the gestational surrogate. An ideal gestational surrogate is a young, healthy woman who had a prior uncomplicated pregnancy and is motivated primarily by her desire to help others realize their dream of building a family. The gestational surrogate can be a family member or friend of the intended parents, but she can also be someone they find through a fertility center or agency. 

types of surrogacy - Gestational Surrogacy Orange county clinic

Surrogacy clinic orange countyTraditional surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy is less common, it involves using the surrogate’s eggs to achieve a pregnancy, often through intrauterine insemination rather than IVF. In this situation the surrogate agrees in advance to relinquish parental rights to the child, who will be raised by the biological father and possibly his partner, either male or female. The pregnancy may be conceived via intrauterine insemination (IUI) with fresh or frozen sperm, IVF  or ICSI which is performed at our Orange County fertility clinic.

Surrogacy Fertility Clinic Orange CountyHumanitarian Surrogacy

Another form of surrogacy is known as Humanitarian Surrogacy. It is the most wonderful gift a surrogate can give to be the parents of the child. It involves no financial reward. However, in most cases all the medical expenses, maternity period expenditure and treatment are covered by the intended parents.

Surrogacy Fertility Treatment in Orange CountyCompensated Surrogacy

In another form known as the Compensated Surrogacy, the surrogate carries a child to maturity in her womb and usually involves infertile couples or individuals wishing to fulfill their dream of being parents. The surrogate mother is paid for her time and efforts. The procedure is legal in certain regions of the United States of America, including California.

Who Should Consider Surrogacy?

Every intended parent has different challenges and circumstances.  Eden Fertility provides complete assistance to tackle surrogacy treatment gracefully. The most common situations that utilize surrogacy treatment include:

  • Women who have had multiple miscarriages or cannot carry a baby to term
  • Women who had a hysterectomy (surgery to remove their uterus)
  • Women who have medical conditions that make it too risky to conceive and deliver
  • Same-sex couples
  • Single men who are ready to start a family

Surrogacy in Orange County, California Surrogacy in Orange County, California

While the whole state of California has particularly favorable surrogacy laws, Orange County stands out as an ideal destination for Intended Parents. Orange County with its central location between Los Angeles and San Diego has outstanding healthcare facilities, top fertility centers, and world-class recreational amenities which make it an ideal destination for Intended Parents. Our center works with both in local and long distance patients who are pursuing surrogacy. 

Surrogacy can be lengthy due to complex medical, legal and emotional aspects. The pleasant environment of Orange County can help alleviate some of the stress. Emotional support is critical to overcome the surrogacy journey. Eden collaborates with the best agencies and psychologists to provide a healthier environment to keep your mind and body at ease through the process.

Our priority is to the well-being of both the surrogate mother and the intended parents. At EDEN, we ensure a trustworthy, well-equipped, spiritual and medical environment. 

Who Can Be Surrogate?

An ideal surrogate is a healthy young woman who had a prior uncomplicated pregnancy. We pay special attention to the surrogates’ emotional, psychological and physical state. This helps the surrogate to have a focused mindset to deliver a healthy baby. 

Typically, gestational carrier will undergo the following medical screening:

  • Consultation and physical exam by a physician
  • Psychological evaluation 
  • Complete blood count (CBC) and blood type and Rh Factor
  • A fasting chemistry panel
  • Infectious testing including: HIV, HTLV 1, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, Chlamydia,
  • Drug testing 
  • PAP smear 
  • Evaluation of the endometrial cavity by imaging and/or biopsy
  • A woman of age above 40 can sometimes become a surrogate but she has to undergo additional testing such as mammography, an EKG, a chest x-ray and possibly clearance from her obstetrician.

At our fertility clinic in Orange County, we work with the gestational surrogate and the intended parents to reach mutual consent and to ensure legal protection of all parties.

How Does The Process Work?

Once the match is made the initial evaluation is completed and legal contracts are signed, we work with the gestational surrogate to prepare her uterus to receive an embryo. We do this by prescribing medication that causes the uterine lining to develop. When the timing is right, our physicians transfer an embryo to her uterus and perform a pregnancy test 10 days later.

Taking the First Step toward Surrogacy

Our team of medical, nursing and scientific professionals enables you to begin your surrogacy journey with medical screening performed most conveniently. We work with select surrogacy agencies to help you secure a surrogate and with our team of consultants in the legal, financial and psychological fields of surrogacy treatments. If you have a known surrogate, we can assist you in synchronizing all the elements necessary to help your surrogacy experience flow smoothly. Our goal is to work with individuals and couples, regardless of national origin, race or sexual orientation.

At Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility, Our friendly and professional staff can help you learn more about surrogacy in Orange County CA.

Planning Parenthood through Surrogacy.

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