How to Choose an IVF Clinic in Orange County?

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Are you looking for an IVF clinic in orange county? Are you confused. Dont know which fertility clinic to choose? In your journey to get pregnant, choosing a good fertility clinic does play a pivotal role. You must ensure that the one you choose is reputable, has good success rates and offers IVF treatment in Orange County.  To help you figure out which IVF clinic is right for you, we have listed several factors to consider when choosing an IVF clinic in Orange County and Questions to ask a while choosing a fertility clinic. Let’s get started….. The National Infertility Association, RESOLVE, has recommended meeting an IVF specialist if you are a:
  • Women under 35 years of age and have not gotten pregnant after one year of trying.
  • The woman who has had more than one miscarriage.
  • Man with a poor semen analysis.
Before searching for a fertility clinic in Orange County, it is important to find out what kind of diagnostic tests and procedures you may need. Give yourself some time to think as to how far you are willing to go with the process. Our team can guide and assist you in every possible way. At Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility, the team combines the latest fertility treatment technologies. As per Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), a great fertility clinic isn’t just one that can give you effective treatment, it’s one with compassionate staff, clear pricing, seamless administrative processes, and exceptional emotional support.  IVF Clinic in Orange County CA

Factors to Consider While Choosing a IVF Clinic In Orange County CA

  With a plethora of options available, it can be an arduous task to choose a fertility center in Orange County . To help you make an informed decision for the right IVF clinic , we have shortlisted several factors you should consider.

orange county fertility clinicTeam support:

  The team of doctors should be empathetic, honest and available.  There is no doubt that fertility treatment is a mentally and emotionally draining experience, so finding a clinic with a calm and empathetic staff is what matters the most. Our Team Of Doctors –

Fertility Clinic Orange County Plan of action:

  An individualized plan of care can be tailored based on a thorough fertility evaluation and understanding of the patients’ preferences. A board-certified reproductive endocrinology and infertility physician will take these factors into considerations when formulating a plan.

Genetic Screening:

Genetic testing, also known as DNA testing Genetic carrier screening can play a pivotal role in fertility planning. If a couple identified to be at risk for having a child with a genetic disorder through screening several options can be considered including pre-implantation, prenatal, and/or postnatal genetic testing.

IVF Fertility Clinic in Orange County California Range of services:

  The Orange County fertility clinic you choose should have a state of the art technology in its surgical center and IVF lab, to achieve the best results. At Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility, we offer a wide range of treatments including, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation, sperm donation, surrogacy, and reproductive surgery for both women and men.

IVF Fertility Center Fertility Insurance:

 fertility-benefits-insurance It is helpful to understand your insurance coverage which varies between insurers in California. While most companies offer coverage for fertility diagnostic testing fewer provide coverage for fertility treatments. You will also want to know whether the fertility clinic you choose takes your insurance. At Eden fertility centers, our financial counselors assist patients to understand their insurance coverage.

Cost of treatment:

  For services not covered by insurance, it is important to know in advance the costs, and what the quoted prices include.
  • Does it cover medication costs and monitoring?
  • What if the cycle is canceled prior to completion?
  • What are the refund and discount programs?
Our financial counselors will review these details with each patient.

Success rates and board certification:

  Various fertility clinics publish “pregnancy rates” on their website. As per the Federal Government, Orange County IVF clinics are required to report their IVF treatment cycle success reports for the public to view them. However, these success rates may differ as per the clinics because of numerous factors. Visit SART (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology) or CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) websites to review this information. While opting for IVF in Orange County, Choose an IVF clinic that offers access to board-certified reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialists.

The environment of the clinic:

Gynecologist - Fertility clinic environment It is advisable to know beforehand about the environment and treatment philosophy of the clinic.


  It is important to choose a clinic that uses up-to-date reproductive technologies like cryopreservation, genetic testing, artificial insemination and assisted reproductive technology to offer successful results. We offer advanced services to our patients that include Blastocyst Transfer, Donor Eggs and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and more.


  While its ideal to live close to the Fertility Center for many patients accessing the IVF center involves traveling. Therefore travel time, lodging, and time off work are all factors to consider. At Eden, we are experienced in working with both local and long-distance patients and strive to minimize the time commitment required to complete fertility treatment. Long-distance patients can enjoy word-class beaches and amenities during their stay in Orange County.

Working Hours:

  For most patients, it’s preferable to have monitoring appointments before or after work. Ask the fertility clinic about early morning, evening or weekend hours to minimize time off from work. Does the IVF clinic in Orange county perform procedures on the weekend if needed?


  The fertility clinic should offer professional staff who answer your queries promptly and are empathetic to your needs.

Support Services:

  Fertility treatment requires a lot of emotional, and physical strength. Some clinics offer psychological counseling and support groups that enable patients to meet and talk in a safe environment with peer groups facing similar challenges.

Reviews and Testimonials:

  You should be able to find reviews and testimonials from previous patients on the website. It is recommended to read reviews posted for both the fertility center and the fertility doctor before making an appointment for an initial consultation.


  Ask for suggestions and recommendations from your friends, relatives or members of a support group who have struggled with fertility issues.

Questions to Ask a while Choosing a Fertility Clinic

  1. What procedures are offered at this clinic? Ask if they do IVF, Blastocyst transfer, IUI, ICSI or other reproductive technology options?
  2. Is the clinic a member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART)? Do they adhere to the guidelines set by Americal Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)?
  3.  Do they offer donor or surrogacy options?
  4. What procedures and methods are suggested for your particular case?
  5. Where are the procedures and tests conducted?
  6. How is the decision on the number of embryos to transfer made?
  7. How long have the doctors and other staff members been in practice?
  8.  Is there any age limit for treatment?
  9. What does the treatment cost?
  10.  Is the staff pleasant?
  11. Does the lab perform cryopreservation of embryos?
  12. How much does embryo freezing and storage cost?
 fertility questions to ask orange county ivf clinic

About Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility:

  At Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility, we focus on providing fertility treatments with a patient-centered approach that delivers the best quality care. Eden’s laboratory and surgery center are located in Newport Beach, California. The brand-new facilities include the latest in embryology technology and design developments. Choosing an Orange County IVF clinic is one of the important steps in your entire fertility treatment process. We tailor the treatment approach to meet every patient’s unique needs. Welcoming a child is one of the greatest joys of life, and each experience is unique. ALSO READ:

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