Eden Fertility Offers FREE Initial Consultation & Discounted Treatment to Kaiser Patients

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Finding the right fertility doctor in Orange County is not an easy task. At Eden Centers for Advanced Fertility, we have a medical team composed of the professionals in treating fertility, to help you reach your fertility goals. Our IVF services in Orange County, IUI, egg freezing and other fertility services are very competitively priced. 

Salient Points

Eden is offering a Complimentary new patient consultation to Kaiser patients

Eden is offering a discount on fertility treatments to patients with Kaiser insurance

Dr. Kashani previously worked as a fertility specialist at Kaiser Permanente and is excited to be part of Eden to improve access to fertility care to all patients in Orange County.

Our Discount Programs

Kaiser Discount – Discount on fertility treatments to Kaiser patients
Military Discount – We offer special discounts for New and current patients active in the U.S military (active duty,reserve duty or retirees).
Compassionate Care Program – available to eligible patients who may not otherwise be able to afford fertility treatment. It is designed to make fertility treatments more affordable for patients without insurance or coverage for fertility medication.
Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients – Provide fertility preservation options to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and want to preserve their fertility.

The doctors and embryologists who care for you in our state-of-the-art fertility centers rely on their many years of experience to help you choose a fertility treatment that is right for you. We use advanced equipment and innovative technologies – all delivered with a caring touch — to help you conceive your baby.

Our Facilities In Newport Beach & Fullerton

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Thinking About Fertility Treatment

Initial Evaluation

What to Expect on Your First Visit

During your first consultation, a thorough medical history and examination will be carried out to determine the potential contributors to fertility issues. The doctor to make a diagnosis in your case and to offer you the treatment options most suited to your situation.

For Women: At the first visit, the doctor will review your medical history, including any previous tests or treatments you may have had.. Your doctor may also want to do a pelvic examination and an ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries.. Your partner is also welcome to come to this visit, to make you as comfortable as possible.

Your doctor may recommend additional tests including :

  • blood tests, ultrasound or X-ray tests, or a surgical procedure.

For Men: A health history will be taken at the initial evaluation. A semen analysis is essential in the course of fertility. Performed in the laboratory, the examination consists of collecting sperm and analyzing it under a microscope.

Ovulation Induction

Improves Your Chances of Conceiving

Ovulation induction is a term used to describe the use of oral (clomiphene citrate and letrozole) or injectable fertility drugs (gonadotropins) used to stimulate the production of mature eggs by the ovaries. Ovulation induction aims to cause the development and ovulation of one or more eggs in a woman who does not normally ovulate. Depending on your diagnosis, your doctor will prescribe the treatment that is best for you. Ovulation induction is indicated in the following cases:

You do not regularly ovulate

You have unexplained infertility and want to try ovulation induction to increase the number of eggs produced during each cycle. With higher egg production, the chances of conception also increase.

To benefit from ovulation, you must have a normal uterine cavity as well as at least one normal fallopian tube and your partner must have a sufficient number of motile sperm.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) involves placing washed partner’s or donor sperm into the uterus by a physician. This sperm is obtained by masturbation and must undergo laboratory processing prior to the IUI procedure.  IUI procedure is timed just prior to ovulation. Timing of ovulation is determined by the doctor via ultrasounds and blood tests.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

It involves fertilizing a woman’s ovum with the man’s sperm outside the body.

IVF treatment involves serial clinic visits, blood tests and injections. Couples undergoing IVF treatment face several challenges, including learning all about the procedure, which includes a mass of information.

Before you decide on IVF treatment in orange county, we suggest that you learn as much as possible about IVF by consulting a REI doctor and researching it via reputable books and websites. By being well informed about the IVF procedure, you can have more peace of mind when you start your treatment.

Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing is an increasingly popular procedure of fertility preservation which is done for both medical and elective reasons. Eden is committed to providing women objective evidence-based approach to fertility preservation which includes assessment of reproductive potential and an individual plan. It is important that women are counseled in detail about all of the alternatives to egg freezing, the expected pregnancy chances, and number of cycles which may be required to bank enough eggs to ultimately achieve their desired family size. Eggs are frozen using the vitrification technique which has proven superior for this procedure with thaw survival rates in the 85-95% range. Know more about – What Is Egg Freezing & How Does It Work?

Who Should Consider To Freeze Their Eggs?

  • Women who want to preserve their eggs at their highest quality
  • Women who will be receiving radiation and/or chemotherapy for cancer treatment
  • Women who need to have their ovaries removed for any reason
  • Women with a family history of early menopause or premature ovarian failure
  • Women with endometriosis

Starting an LGBTQ Family

Welcoming a child is one of the greatest joys of life, and each experience is unique. Procreation, for the LGBTQ community, can represent its share of challenges. At Eden Center, we are dedicated to supporting you and guiding you through all the concerns. 

Here at Eden Fertility Centers, we are aware of the challenges, specific situations, and choices that LGBT parents face. It is with this in mind that we have developed specific protocols and recognized programs in order to meet the unique needs or preferences that you may have. 

Our team of dedicated professionals is experienced in supporting patients with care and empathy during treatment processes. Our expert embryologists, genetic counselors, nurses and psychotherapists are all on hand to guide you on your journey towards parenthood.

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